Il Corbezzolo is a beautiful stone cottage that is located a few kilometers from San Gimignano, near the ancient Via Francigena, a famous pilgrims route which ran through Italy leading to Rome.  It is the ideal place for a wonderful holiday for those who love nature, history, culture and Tuscan cuisine and is an ideal base for enjoyable escursions in the heart of this wonderful territory (Volterra, Siena, Florence, Certaldo, Chianti).


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Privacy Policy “Il Corbezzolo”


Il Corbezzolo collects some Personal Data of the own Users.


The Owner of Data collected

Cameli Pietro, via del Pescaiolo 34, San Gimignano (SI)

info@holidayhomeintuscany.it email address of  the Owner


Types of collected data

Among Personal Data collected by “Il Corbezzolo”, in indipendent way or through third party, there are: Cookie, Usage Data and email.


Complete details on each kind of collected data are provided in the sections related to this privacy policy or through specific informative tests displayed before the collection of usage Data. Personal Data can be freely supplied to the User or, in the case of Usage Data, collected automatically during the use of Il Corbezzolo.


Unless otherwise specified, all the Data requested by Il Corbezzolo are mandatory. If the User refuses to communicate them, could be impossible for Il Corbezzolo provide the Service. In some cases when Il Corbezzolo indicates some Data as optional, Users are free to not communicate these Data, without any consequences about Service availability or its functioning.  Users that should have any doubts about which Data are mandatory, are strongly encouraged to contact the Owner.


The potential use of Cookie- or other tracking tools- by Il Corbezzolo or the owner of third services used by Corbezzolo, unless otherwise specified, is aimed to provide the Service requested from the User, in addition to the purposes described in this document and in Cookie Policy, if available.


The User takes responsability of Personal Data obtained from third party, published or shared through Corbezzolo and guarantees to have right to communicate or disseminate them, absolving the Owner from any responsibility to third party.



Modality and place  for collected Data processing


Processing modality


The owner takes specific safety measures to avoid the access, disclosure and editing or destruction not approved of any Personal Data. The processing is done through IT or telematics, with organizational modality and with reasons strictly related to the purposed indicated.


In addition to the Owner, in some cases, other people (administration staff, commercial staff, marketing, legal system administration) involved in the organization of Corbezzolo could have access to Data, meaning external people (as technical service suppliers, courier, hosting provider, IT society, communication agency), elected by the Owner, if necessary, as People in charge of Processing Data. The updated list of the people in charge could always be requested by the Owner of the processing.


Legal basis for the processing

The Owner manages Personal Data of the User in the case of following conditions:

User gave the approval for one or more specific purposes; Note: in some organizations the owner can be authorized  to process Personal Data without the approval of the User or an other legal basis specified below, unless the User opt-out to that process. However, this is not applicable when the process of Personal Data is regulated by European Law in matter of protection of Personal Data.

  The process is necessary  for the esecution of the contract with the User and/or the esecution of measures before the contract

  The process is necessary to respect a legal commitment that the Owner subscribed;

  The process is necessary  for the esecution of a task for public interest or to esecute public power bt the Owner;

  The process is necessary for the prosecution of legitimate interest of the Owner or third party


Therefore,it is always possible to ask to the Owner to clarify the concrete legal baisis of own process and in particular to specify if the process is based on law, expected contract or necessary to conclude the contract.



Data are processed in the place of business of the Owner and each other place where partys involved in the process are located. For more information, you can contact the Owner. Personal Data of the User could be moved in an other country different respect to the User’s country. For more information about the place of data processing, the User can look at the section related to details on Personal Data Processing.


The User is entitled to obtain information related to legal basis to move Data outside European Union or international organization of international public right or constituted by more countries, for example ONU, and related to safety measures took by the Owner to protect Data.

If the movement above mentioned happens, User can look at specific section of this document or ask information to the Owner contacting him using his contact details described in the first part of this document.


Retention Period

Data are processed and retained for the necessary time based on the purposes for data collection.


Personal Data collected for purposes related to the esecution of a contract between Owner and User will be retained until the complete esecution of that contract. Personal Data collected for purposes related to legitimate interest of the Owner will be retained until the interest will be satisfied. The User can obtain more information related to legitimate interest of the Owner in the specific sections of this document or contacting the Owner.

When the process is based on User’s agreement, the Owner can retain Personal Data for more time until the revocation of this agreement. Then, the Owner could be obligated to retain Personal Data for more time in according to legal commitment or for authorities orders.

At the end od the retention period of Personal Data will be cancelled. Therefore, when the access right will finish, cancellation, rectification and portability right of Data can not be executed.



Purposes of  collected Data

User Data are collected to allow the Owner to provide own Services for the following purposes: Interaction with social network and external platform, Statistics, Interaction with platform for data collection and third party, Display contents from external platforms and remarketing and behavioral targeting.

For more detailed information about processing purpose and Personal Data relevant for each purpose, the User can look at specific sections in this document.


Details about Personal Data processing

Personal data are collected for the following purposes using services listed below:


Interactions with platforms for data collecting and other third partyes

These services allow to the Users to interact with platforms for data collecting or other services directly from “Il Corbezzolo” pages with the purpose to save and reuse data.

In the case of one of these services is installed, it is possible that, also in the case when the Users don’t use the service, this one collects Data related to the pages where it is installed.


Widget JotForm (JotForm Inc.)

Widget JotForm is a service that allows to interact with the platforms in charge to collect data JotForm managed by JotForm Inc.

Personal Data collected: Cookie and Use Data

Processing location: United States- Privacy Policy


Interactions with social network and external platforms

These services allow to get interactions with social network, or with other external platforms, directly from Il Corbezzolo pages. Anyway, interactions and information taken by Il Corbezzolo, depend on privacy settings of the User related to each social network. In the case where interactions service with social network is installed, It is possible that, also when Users do not enjoy the service, this last one can collect traffic data regarding the pages where it is installed.


Like and social widget of Facebook

The button “like” and social widget of Facebook are interactions services with facebook social network, supplied by Facebook, Inc.

Personal Data collected: Cookie and User Data.

Processing location: United States Privacy Policy Members subscribed to Privacy Shield.



All the services contained in this section allow to the Owner of the process to monitor and analyse traffic data and they are useful to keep track about User’s behaviour.


Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

Google Analytics is a service for web analysis provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses Personal Data collected aimed to track and investigate the use of Il Corbezzolo, to fill report and to share them with other services developed by Google. Google should use Personal Data to contextualize and personalize the own advertiser network.

Personal Data collected: Cookie and User data.

Processing location: United States- Privacy Policy- Opt Out. Members subscribed to Privacy Shield.


Display of contents from external platforms

This kind of service allows to display contents in external platforms directly from the pages of Il Corbezzolo and to interact with them. In the case where this type of service in installed, it is possible that, also in case the users don’t utilize the service, this one collects traffic data related to the pages where it is installed.


Widget Google Maps (Google Inc.)

Google Maps is a service to display maps managed by Google Inc. that allows to Il Corbezzolo to integrate those contents in the own pages.

Personal Data Collected: Cookie and User Data.

Processing location: United States-Privacy Policy. Members subscribed to Privacy Schield.


User Rights

The Users can be entitle, taking in account Data processed by the Owner.

Specifically, the User is entitle about:

  •  To revocate the agreement in any moments. The User can revocate the agreement of own Personal Data given previously indicated.
  •  To refuse own Data processing. The User can refuse the own Data processing when the legal basis is different in comparison with the agreement. Other details about the opposition right are indicated in the section below.
  •  To access on own Data. The User is entitled to obtain information on Data processed by the Owner, regarding specific aspects of the process and to receive a copy of Data processed.
  •  To verify and ask rectification. The User can verify that own Data are appropriate, asking the review where is necessary.
  •  To obtain the limitation of the process. When specific conditions occur, the User can ask the limitation of the process of own Data. In that case, the Owner will not process any data for other purposes except for their retention.
  •  To obtain the cancellation or removement of own Personal Data. When specific conditions occur, the User can ask the cancellation or removement of own Data to the Owner.
  •  To receive the own Data or allow a movement to another owner. The user is entitled to receive the own Data in a structural format, in common usage and readable from automatic device and, where technically feasible, to obtain the movement without any issues to another owner. This provision is applicable when Data have been processed with automatic tools and the process is based on the agreement of the User, regarding a contract where the User is included or contractual arrangements related to that.
  •  To lodge a complaint. The User can lodge a complaint to the authorities to control personal data protection or to the attention of the judicial authorities.


Details about right to object

When Personal Data are processed for public interest, in according to the exercise of public authorities that the Owner  is charged or to follow the legitimate interest of the Owner, the Users have a right to oppose to the processing for reasons connected to their particular situation.


It is noted that the Users, where their Data are processed with direct marketing purposes, can oppose to the process without provide any justification. To discover if the Owner processes data with direct marketing purposes, the Users can look at the appropriate sections of this document.


How to exercise the rights

To exercise the  rights of the User, the Users can send a request to the Owner at the contacts reported in this document. All the requests are are lodged free of charge and settle by the Owner in the shortest possible time, in any cases within one month.


Cookie Policy

Corbezzolo uses Cookie. To have more information and to check the detail information, the User can see the Cookie Policy.


More information about the process

Defence in court proceedings

Personal Data of the User can be used by the Owner in court or in the preparatory phases for possible establishments of defence by abuses in the use of Il Corbezzolo or the Services connected by the User. The User clarifies to be aware that the Owner could be forced to disclose Data by the order of public authorities.


Specific procedures

At the request of the User, in addition to information included in this privacy policy, Il Corbezzolo could provide to the User some additional and contextual procedures regarding specific Services, or the collection and process of Personal Data.


System log and mainteinance

For some needs connected to the functionality and mainteinance, Il Corbezzolo and others possible third parties services used by Il Corbezzolo, could collect system log, namely a file that record interactions and can include also Personal Data as User IP.


Information not included in this policy

More information related to Personal Data Processing could be asked in any time to the Owner of the process using contact details.


Answer to the requests of Do not Track

Il Corbezzolo doesn’t support any request as “Do Not Track”. To discover if the possible services of third parties used support that, the User is invited to look at specific privacy policy.


Changes about this privacy policy

The Owner of the Process has a right to change this privacy policy in any time giving information to the Users in this page and if possible on Il Corbezzolo as well as, whenever technically and legally possible, sending a notification to the Users through  contact details possesed by the Owner. It is suggested to check constantly this page, looking at the date related to the last change at the end of the page. If the changes are legally based on agreement, the Owner will collect again the agreement of the user, if necessary.


Definition and legal framework

Personal Data (or Data)

Personal data include any information that, directly or indirectly, also in connection with some other information, including a number for personal identification, allow to identify a physical person.


Usage Data

They are information collected automatically through Il Corbezzolo (also through third parties connected to Il Corbezzolo), including: IP address or Domain Names of computer used  by the User that connects with Il Corbezzolo website, URI address (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of the request, the method used to forward the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, numeric code to identify the status of the response of server (success, error,….), the origin country, the features of the browser and the operating system used by the visitor, time connotation of the visit (for example the dwell time on each pages) and specific details to the journey followed inside the Application, with particular attention to the sequence of consulted screens, parameters related to operating system and to the IT environment of the User.



the person that uses Il Corbezzolo that, unless otherwise specified, matches with the interested party.


Interested party

The physical person which Personal Data are related.


Controller of the Process (or Controller)

The physical, legal person, public administration and any other agency that are in charge to process personal data for the Owner, in according to this privacy policy.


Owner of Process (or Owner)

The physical or legal person, public authority, the service or other agency that, individually or together, determine the purposes and resources of the process for Personal Data and tool used, including the safety measurements related to the functionality and to the fruition of Corbezzolo. The Owner of the Process, unless otherwise specified, is the owner of Corbezzolo.


Il Corbezzolo (or this Application)

The hardware or software tool through are collected and processed Personal Data of the Users.


The Service provides by Corbezzolo is included in these condition (if any) in this website/application.


European Union (or UE)

Unless otherwise specified, each reference to European Union included in this document is valid for all member states of European Union and Economic European framework.



Small portion of data stored inside the device of the User.


Legal framework

This privacy policy is written based on legal framework, included art. 13-14 of UE Regulation 2016/679

Unless otherwise specified, this privacy policy is related exclusively for Corbezzolo